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We appreciate our clients and their feedback. If you would like to review my business, please visit my Facebook Business page and Google Business listing to write your review! Thank you!

"I started using Spark, Thermoplus and Catalyst in April 2017. I had reached a plateau in my weight loss journey and needed a boost. I talked with Nicki about some of the advocare products and she recommended I add these to my daily routine in addition to my exercise and diet regime. Since adding these 3 things I have lost an additional 40 lbs and could not be more pleased :) I intend to continue using Advocare products to help me achieve my ultimate weight loss goal. Thank you Nicki and thank you Advocare!"

"Thank you Advocare! I am in better shape now at 47 than I was at 37. I use the Post Workout Recovery powder and the Rehydrate drink mix. Thanks to both products I now run longer, faster, and more often. Prior to using Advocare I was unable to run back-to-back days. Now I can run 5-6 days in a row (20-25 miles a week). A side benefit of the ability to workout more often is that the weight came off, and is staying off. I would recommend Advocare if you are considering enhancing your workouts."
Jeff D.

"Nicki is an incredible trainer. She truly cares about her clients achieving their weight loss goals. Not only has she helped me with physical fitness but she has also gave me much insight on nutrition. She is kind and very patient but pushes me. I totally love it. Nicki is the best and I highly recommend her!"
Dee L

"Nicki is awesome! She always has something different each day to challenge your goals and encourage you to make it to the next level! I'm so blessed to have found someone who is compassionate and knowledgeable on my path on the journey of fitness!"
Doggie D

"About 3 years ago my body was in complete despair. I was over weight and felt horrible. I knew I needed to eat better and exercise but I couldn't seem to find the will power or confidence to do it on my own. I needed help!! The more I stressed about it, the worse my situation got. I hired Nicki to personal train me. Best decision I ever made. She really listened to my goals and put me on a weight training and eating plan. She educated me on food and labels. I felt like she wanted me to succeed more than my own self. She inspired me to keep going when I wanted to quit. So far, I have lost over 30 lbs and for the first time in over 8 years felt proud to wear a bathing suit and wear shorts again. I actually have muscle definition again. Something I didn't think I would ever see again. Her prices are very competitive, she pushes you to be your best and she holds you accountable. I would highly recommend Nicki to any man or woman."
Brandi M

"Nicki is a wonderful trainer! She never judged me. She is always there for me and texting me even if it's a day I didn't see her. She has helped me with meal planning and given me ideas on things to work on from home. She also has a very flexible schedule."
Stephanie R

"Nicki is very knowledgable, and provides a good workout! Facility is very nice and convenient. Highly recommend."
Barbara J

"Nicki workouts are seriously some of the most difficult I have ever done, but I always feel amazing after. I can't wait to be able to bench press my couch."
Jessica M

"Nicki is awesome! She pushes you even if you don't believe you have anymore to push. She really cares about her clients and their results. She knows her clients and what they can and cant handle! 2 thumbs up for me!"
Mindi P

"Nicki was great! Got me in tip top shape for my wedding in just about 8 weeks. I needed to lose 2 inches and I ended up losing a little more than that!"
Toni B

"Great!! Will focus on the areas you want and help you to achieve goals."
Bridget H

"I have been with my personal trainer, Nicki for a year and a half now. I honestly haven't felt better letting her make me her project that she strives for perfection. She makes such a difference in my life. I have also gained a great friend as well. Thank you, Nicki!"
Jessica F

Call (317) 339-8405 or email me today to schedule a free consultation meeting at my Noblesville gym.

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